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India Claims Top Spot in Global IP Filings, Announces Controller General of Patents, GOI

surge in IP filings positions India as a leader, outpacing the rest of the world.

Vadodara, December 21, 2023: In a groundbreaking revelation, Prof. (Dr) Unnat P. Pandit, Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trademarks at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, announced a remarkable 31.6% surge in Intellectual Property (IP) filings in India, securing the top position globally. This announcement was made during the ASSOCHAM National IP Yatra held in Vadodara, showcasing India's supremacy in Intellectual Property rights.

Dr. Pandit emphasized that the surge in IP filings positions India as a leader, outpacing the rest of the world. Addressing the audience, he underscored the critical role of innovation and intellectual property in India's journey towards self-sufficiency, particularly in dominating specific business areas. India's strategic aim is to transform into a tech giant, capitalizing on a broad market share, following the trend of "China plus one."

The surge in IP filings not only reflects India's commitment to fostering innovation but also highlights the country's ambition to become a key player in the global technology landscape. This development aligns with the overarching goal of “Atmanirbhar Bharat”, where innovation and intellectual property are identified as catalysts for sustainable business growth.

The announcement has garnered attention within the business and intellectual property communities, signalling a significant milestone in India's quest for global leadership in innovation and IP protection.

Mr. M. D. Patel, President of the Vadodara Chambers of Commerce and Industry, highlighted the strategic importance of harnessing intellectual property rights, particularly for MSMEs, in the current era marked by the Amrit Kaal. He emphasized the transformative impact of integrating IP on manufacturing capabilities and overall industrialization.

Mr Ajay Thakur, Deputy Controller of Patents & Designs at the Indian Patent Office, underscored the critical nexus between intellectual property rights and MSMEs. He accentuated the role of IP in facilitating commercialization and safeguarding innovative breakthroughs.

Adding to the discourse, Mr. Vijaykumar Shivpuje, Advisor at ASSOCHAM IPFC & Director of Patlex Business Solutions, delved into the pivotal role of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in propelling the growth trajectory of the MSME sector. His concluding remarks resonated with a call for India to leverage its untapped potential and emerge as a global frontrunner in innovation and intellectual property.

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