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The global automotive industry is at the cusp of a paradigm shift from internal combustion engine vehicles to zero emission vehicles. This is primarily due to the stringent regulatory interventions by governments worldwide in response to increasing greenhouse gas emissions and depleting air quality. India, too, is actively going ahead for cost-effective and viable solutions to the problem of poor air quality in several cities. With the Government of India's plan to introduce electric vehicle in a big way and to produce only electric vehicle by 2030, the electric mobility sector has assumed major significance. Thus, it is imperative for these stakeholders to come together to drive EV adoption. In a similar way, the government needs to consider the holistic EV ecosystem while developing the regulatory agenda.

This Council aims at putting forth industry issues before the Government for smooth transition to Electric Vehicles as it would present challenges for the stakeholders. The Council undertakes policy and regulatory issues of the members and organizes discussions on various business opportunities that the sector offers for investments and in planning for the shift to EV.

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