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The world is faced with Global boiling and two other planetary crises namely pollution and biodiversity loss. ASSOCHAM has been steadily and consciously improving efforts across key industrial as well as service sectors which are important for the country’s Nationally Determined Targets for achieving Net neutrality. The councils for Environment & Climate Change were formed keeping in mind the importance and a greater need to engage members on the core principles of sustainable development, circular economy, and SDGs. The councils have been involved in engaging stakeholders and members for policy interventions, addressing their business concerns for better productivity and profitability. The councils have a vision for being the leading strategic, knowledge and solutions platform for members and stakeholders for achieving 5Ps. The public engagements also provide stakeholders an opportunity to interact and deliberate with peers, CXOs, regulatory authorities, policy makers, R&D institutes and professionals like architects, planners, MEP consultants, industrial & interior designers, engineers, and others. ASSOCHAM has been accredited as an observer organisation by the UNFCCC. The principle of LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) now guides all of us in realizing India’s economic aspirations without compromising the environmental conservation. The Council on Environment and Climate Change (CECC) continually strives to engage all stakeholders on LiFE principles through 3Ps (Public Engagement, Policy imperatives and Projects) for 3Ps (Planet, People and Prosperity).

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