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Conventional Power remains the most utilized source of generating power. With the introduction of newer forms as well as sustaining on the available resources, the National Council on Power at ASSOCHAM works cumulatively towards taking care of all functional and policy issues that may hinder the optimum use of available resources.
This council is the group of stakeholders from all the domains of the power sector i.e. from Generation, Transmission and Distribution vertical. Under the purview of this council, ASSOCHAM frequently organize Council Meetings, Stakeholders Consultation, Conferences to discuss the way forward for the sector. On behalf of this council, ASSOCHAM also frequently sends representations to the Central and State Government, PSU’s etc. The council’s main focused area is policy advocacy.
Over the years, this council has contributed significantly to the growth of the respective segments and shaped the Centre and State Governments' policies. This council represents ASSOCHAM at high-level meetings with ministers, senior Government officials, policymakers, and regulators to discuss sectoral issues, emerging trends and help define an actionable roadmap.

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