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The logistics sector represents five percent of India’s Gross Domestic Product. Adding to the growth are the new policies that are set to give the industry a much-needed push. Improving efficiency of the logistics sector is of high importance for the country’s economy as it boosts economic growth, grows exports through global supply chains and generates employment. Logistics are fundamental part of business infrastructure and one of the key enablers in the global supply chain. The impetus given by the government to build the infrastructure in the recent budget is the biggest positive for the logistics sector.

This Council focuses on the opportunities and challenges faced by stakeholders for which regular discussions are organized on every key aspect of the procedure of logistics. The Council is working closely with various Government departments and creating awareness among the industry on key developments taking place towards reducing logistics cost, automation of technology, ease of approval system by creating an enabling environment, particularly, when the Government of India is focusing on PM Gati Shakti Plan.


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