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Corporate Governance has turned out to be a critical component globally for protecting and balancing the interest of not only shareholders but also stakeholders through transparency, disclosure and accountability.

The council is one of the most important and dynamic think-tanks of ASSOCHAM which broadly contributes by way of regular dialogues for introducing and promoting the international best practices in the field of corporate governance. While closely working with and promoting the mandate of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the council puts forth impactful suggestions and recommendations on policy matters towards bringing out necessary amendments in the legal provisions of Companies Act, 2013 as well as standard which come under the purview of related regulators including SEBI, ICAI, ICAI-CMA, ICSI. The council addresses to the legal challenges faced by the corporates in India on a regular basis by carrying out advocacy of Companies Act, 2013, bridging between stakeholders across states in the country. The council aims at educating and sensitizing the corporate stakeholders for making best use of the provisions under Companies Act, 2013 and thereby, assist them to avail benefits of being fully compliant to the regulatory requirements. The council meets its objective contribute to the vision and mission of chamber by an active participation and contribution of various task forces which are constituted from time to time.

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