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3rd IP Excellence Awards and Conclave organised by ASSOCHAM

3rd IP Excellence Awards and Conclave organised by ASSOCHAM

New Delhi, 6 February 2024: “With the advent of AI we are standing at the threshold of a very interesting, complex and difficult time where we may not be able to believe the evidence which is presented before us.” said Hon’ble Mr. Justice Anish Dayal, Delhi High Court at the 3rd IP Excellence Awards and Conclave organised by ASSOCHAM. 

“The institution of IP Division was a completely new era in IP adjudication as the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAD) was abolished in 2021. The Delhi High Court on 28th, February, 2022 instituted the first intellectual property division putting an end to long hiatus of lack of clarity. The IP rules allow us to have technical advisors advising us, which is an extremely innovative system and the IPD of the Delhi High court has adopted modern methods such as hot tubbing, confidentiality club and video conferencing, electronic evidence and transcription.”

“In the first year itself, one thousand cases related to all elements of IPR were filed and last year 1300 cases were filed comprising about 750 civil suits, about 300 trademark rectifications and 51 patent appeals. As a responsible adjudication institution with a clear eye on disposals, in 2023 for the 1300 cases filed we disposed 1352 cases reducing a pendency. The setting up of IP division by the Delhi High Court was also noticed by the Parliamentary Committee which said that the IPAD doesn't need to come back and more courts should open up the IPDs.” Added the Hon’ble Justice.

Prof. (Dr) Unnat P. Pandit, Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks (CGPDTM), GOI

In his address at the conclave said, “247 patents are filed everyday highlighting the confidence of industry and academia in protecting their intellectual property. 60 percent CAGR growth has been recorded in the past nine years which is a remarkable growth. During the last decade, 20 percent patent filing are from inventions related to mechanical and 16 percent to chemical sciences which is the next hotbed sector. In last five years, we have a 247 percent growth in patent filing and 151 percent growth in the patent grant. Uttar Pradesh has emerged as a leader in innovation while Gujarat has maintained its share with consistent growth and promotion of IT lead innovation. We all need to commit ourselves to the role we are going to play in this Amritkal towards strengthening the IP innovation ecosystem for Viksit Bharat.”

Mr. John Cabeca, U.S. Intellectual Property (IP) Counsel for South Asia spoke on the need for co-operation not only in obtaining rights but also in enforcing those rights. What are we going to do with emerging technology and AI as it continues to challenge our systems is a recurring theme today. We've had deep dialogue and shared our experiences on many issues, from patent and trademark opposition proceedings, to IP enforcement, to quality, quality examination, as well as on the copyright side and how we do copyright registrations, laying the groundwork for continued collaboration. AI is challenging our systems in ways we never thought possible. And our governments are very much focused on making sure that we embrace this new technology, that we deploy AI in a way that also secures our own citizens, our own innovations and that our privacy is not impacted.” 

Delivering a special address at the conclave, Shri. N R Meena, Sr. Joint Controller of Patents & Designs, Indian Patent Office (IPO) said, “As we navigate the complexities of the global landscape, the role of intellectual property has become increasingly vital. It is not merely a legal framework; it is a catalyst for innovation, a shield for creators, and a cornerstone for economic development. Recent legislative reforms and policy initiatives underscore our dedication to creating an environment conducive to research, development, and creativity. A robust legal framework is the bedrock of a flourishing IP ecosystem, and we are committed to its continuous enhancement.” 

The 3rd IP Excellence Awards were also handed out during the conclave honouring path breakers and leading innovators in the IP Ecosystem.

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