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India's aerospace and defence sector is at critical juncture today. The country's capital expenditure for defence procurement is expected to exceed $250 billion over next 10 years, primarily to replace soviet-era vintage equipment. Faced with challenges of military belligerence around its immediate neighbourhood, the Government of India is taking steps to bolster position as a major aerospace and defence power.

The Government of India, over the past few years, has demonstrated its commitment towards the development of indigenous defence manufacturing capabilities by launching and promoting the Make in India initiative for the defence sector. However, a whole lot more is required to be done to facilitate growth in this area. If India is to achieve the long -standing goal of 70% indigenisation in the defence sector, private enterprises must be given equal opportunity to participate in the manufacturing process. This can be accomplished only through the creation of a vibrant and balanced defence production ecosystem, such that private enterprise is incentivised to develop large scale R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

The objective of the ASSOCHAM National Council on Aerospace & Defence is to provide valuable inputs and suggestions on behalf of Industry for policy change in the Aerospace & Defence sector towards facilitating a industry-friendly environment. Through policy advocacy, conferences, seminars, council meetings, strategy papers, recommendations, etc, ASSOCHAM will pursue these objectives along with government's policy to accommodate and drive the high growth of the Aerospace & Defence Sector.

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