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Online Certification Workshop on International Trade: Logistics and Commercial Issues and Challenges

  • 16 Feb-17 Feb, 2024

ASSOCHAM is organizing an Online Certification Workshop on International Trade: Logistics and Commercial Issues and Challenges on Friday, 16th  &  Saturday, 17th February 2024 from 3 p.m. onwards on CISCO Webex platform

In recent times, global business has become uncertain in the wake of the pandemic and the Geo political tensions with intermittent disruptions happening in the logistics domain. India is set to take a centre stage in global trade and as such Indian businesses needs empowerment. ASSOCHAM, being the apex Chamber of Commerce in the country, aims to empower its members and stakeholders in international trade operations and to provide then knowhow on how to manage and take necessary measures to bring in further development and growth of global business.

The workshop aims to highlight the key areas, opportunities, issues, and challenges associated with international trade in today’s world. This would be an interactive platform with different stakeholders of EXIM business, primarily focusing on sectors like logistics, shipping, export/import, customs, Clearing and freight forwarding, ports, transportation, and others as relevant.

Target Participants:

  • Shipping Companies/Agents
  • Shipping Lines
  • Port Officials
  • Customs Officials
  • Customs Brokers/Agents
  • Stevedores and Cargo Handling Agents
  • Clearing and Forwarding Agents/ Freight Forwarders
  • Logistics Companies/Service Providers
  • Supply Chain Operators
  • Exporters and Importers
  • Maritime Lawyers
  • Vessel and Barge Owners/Operators and Representatives from the Ship and Barge Building and Repairing Industry
  • Transporters
  • Maritime Institutes

Topics to be Covered:

  • Commercial Contracts and INCO Terms - Types, New Policies/ Regulations, Issues and Concerns, Practical examples/Case studies, etc 
  • Export /Import Country Regulations –     Recent regulations, etc.
  • Turant Customs – Ease of Doing Business
  • Insurance framework covering Export Credit Insurance, Marine Insurance, Cargo Insurance, etc, - Types, New Policies/ Regulations, Issues and Concerns, Practical examples/Case studies, etc
  • Logistics, their linkages with INCO Terms - Documentation and procedural linkages
  • Payment Terms and Risk Mitigation Strategies, Currency Fluctuation and Rupee Trade and Return Risk Mitigation
  • International Trade Laws


  • Understand, analyse and identify measures to overcome challenges and risks associated with EXIM trade.
  • Understanding on country regulations, insurance, duties and taxes, documentations, etc. enable to boost international trade.
  • Knowledge on Commercial contracts, INCO Terms and their linkages with logistics and to have an understanding on what are the steps to be taken to choose INCO Terms for different countries based on respective market scenario. 
  • Identification and understanding of Payment Terms and Risk Mitigation Strategies and how to differentiate the payment terms in terms of risk mitigation, costs and procedures and what are the ways to mitigate various types of risk be it political, commercial, etc.
  • Exposure to International Trade Laws and their implications on the global business.

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