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National Conference on Changing Dynamics of Real Estate for Viksit Bharat

  • 10 Jul, 2024

Real estate in India continues to be a dynamic and promising sector, offering a plethora of investment opportunities and robust growth prospects. The demand for residential and commercial properties continues to rise due to the increasing urban population and the government\'s emphasis on infrastructure development. Various factors, such as economic opportunities, improved access to education and healthcare, and enhanced living standards, are driving the rapid transition from rural to urban living.

India\'s real estate sector has undergone significant transformations with investor friendly FDI policies along with various other reforms like the credit-linked subsidies scheme under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, Real Estate Investment Trust, Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Amended Act and Goods and Services Tax, which have attracted global and domestic investments. In the commercial realm, the flexible office model has emerged as a transformative force, adapting to the changing preferences of consumers. Further, the infusion of technology and sustainability initiatives have redefined the contours of India\'s real estate. The industry\'s twin focus on sustainability and technology highlights a forward-thinking strategy that promotes innovation and brings the industry into compliance with international norms. However, as India advances its journey towards an advanced economy, there is a need to intensify building mass housing projects and commercial facilities to meet the challenges of our growing urban population.

Therefore, to discuss the diverse attributes of the Indian real estate sector, ASSOCHAM is organizing a National Conference on ‘Changing Dynamics of Real Estate for Viksit Bharat: Opportunities and Challenges’ on July 10, 2024, in New Delhi. The Conference will bring together all concerned groups to a common platform to discuss and understand the future direction of the Indian Real Estate sector.

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