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8th Road Safety Conference on Future for Safe Ecosystem through Innovative & Sustainable Solutions

  • 25 Jul, 2024

Smart mobility and sustainable infrastructure are pre-requisites for national development, yet road traffic injuries (RTIs) and fatalities pose a significant challenge across globe. The staggering facts and figures about RTIs and deaths are becoming alarming in India.

As per the report on Road Accidents in India 2022 by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, GoI, there were 4,61,312 incidences of road accidents during 2022 which claimed 1,68,491 lives and caused injuries to 4,43,366 persons. The number of road accidents, the number of persons killed, and the number of injuries has increased compared to previous year by 11.9%, 9.4% and 15.3% respectively.  

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) align with road safety initiatives, calling for an urgent collective action to halve road traffic deaths and injuries by 2030.

The Indian government acknowledges the severity of road accidents, particularly affecting the poor and vulnerable, and is committed to address road safety holistically through the National Road Safety Policy. Road traffic accidents have emerged as an important public health issue which also adversely impact on GDP. Hence, it needs to be tackled by a multi-disciplinary approach.

The 6 E’s —Engineering, Enforcement, Emergency care, Education, Evaluation, and Encouragement—are pivotal in enhancing road safety. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology is enabler to achieve the road safety goals. Also, comprehensive motor and term coverages provided by insurance industry fosters a culture of responsible behaviour among road users and ensures their health and financial protection.

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