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2nd Conference on Lung Cancer “Enabling Innovations in Treatment Pathways"

  • 30 Nov, 2023

Lung cancer has evolved into a formidable health challenge in India and addressing this crisis requires a multi-pronged approach, including tobacco control, air quality improvement, early detection, and advancements in treatment. It is essential for healthcare authorities, policymakers, and communities to work collaboratively to alleviate the growing burden of lung cancer in India and enhance the well-being of affected individuals.

With a rising burden of lung cancer in India, early detection and personalized treatment pathways are crucial for improving survival rates. The need for innovation arises from the urgency to counter the increasing impact of lung cancer on public health and individual lives.

During the Lung Cancer Awareness Month, with an objective to address the complexity of the disease, improve survival rates, reduce side effects, and enhance the overall patient experience, ASSOCHAM is organizing a 2nd Conference on “Lung Cancer – Enabling Innovations in Treatment Pathways” on Thursday, 30th November 2023 at New Delhi.

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