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Nutraceutical industry can boost preventive healthcare says Sh. G. Kamala Vardhana Rao CEO FSSAI

The nutraceutical industry encompasses three main segments which include functional foods, dietary supplements, and herbal/natural products

New Delhi, 15th Feb 2023: The nutraceutical industry encompasses three main segments which include functional foods, dietary supplements, and herbal/natural products highlights chief guest, Sh. G. Kamala Vardhana Rao, IAS, Chief Executive Officer, FSSAI, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India at the 8th Nutraceuticals Symposium & Awards ''Quality, Standardization, Regularization'' organized by ASSOCHAM.  

For the first time ever, our Hon'ble Finance Minister discussed nutritional security in the union budget, he noted. India as a nation is naturally abundant with food grains. This nation produces a tremendous amount of food grains, with 335 million tonnes recorded last year, Chief Executive Officer, FSSAI mentioned. Nutrition goals and health are the important subject matters around the globe and government has formulated policies around health and nutrition. The hidden hunger is the growing concern not getting enough dietary levels of vitamins, nutrients.  

The most of the packaged food items are sold in villages and rural areas, but general awareness has to take place. EAT RIGHT MOMENT started with FSSAI to promote healthy and nutritious diet and India's Millet campaign is creating a buzz for nutritional and fitness awareness in the country. Manufacturers should take care about the right number of adequate supplements in the process and nutritiion quantities.   

In his welcome speech, Padma Shri Dr. D S Rana, Chairman of the ASSOCHAM National Wellness Council and Chairman of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, stated that the nutraceutical trend is set globally, not just in India. Regulators should be in place for this sector to keep an eye on and raise product standards and quality. The nutraceutical sector is always experiencing new breakthroughs and advances, he added.  

Mr. Suresh Garg, CMD, Zeon Lifesciences Ltd shared his insights on health and wellness effects and how nutraceuticals play an important role. There is a need for education and awareness of the industry. In India this sector is yet to be explored as it has lots of opportunities. The government is taking lot of initiatives and providing a learning to the young players and innovative ideas by startups. India will play a key role as In the recent budget, Finance minister talked about R&D support and wellness initiatives in raw materials. There are more than 1700 medicinal plants that are available in the country and commercialization is still yet to be done. There is a need of timely approval so that the product is commercialized, and procedure is simplified, he added.

According to Mr. Anand Swaroop, Co-Founder of Nutrify, it is clear from human history that people are at the top of the food chain. Plants have been identified by humans, and the wealth of knowledge is transforming traditional understanding. This sector has a lot of potential and uses technology to deliver improved outcomes. Upskilling is necessary, and regularisation requires research. He further continued; pandemic accelerated the momentum manifold in getting consumers to adopt a healthier lifestyle. 

Dr. Nikhil Kelkar, Jt. Managing Director, Hexagon Nutrition Ltd gave industry insights on nutraceuticals and food fortification. Integrated health and digitalization od e commerce platforms. There is a paradigm shift, he said focusing on the awareness of people in protein intake, immunity, fitness, refined diets. Rise in e-commerce accelerated the adoption curve in the market. People are now choosing sustainable and preventive health options with nutraceuticals.  

Shedding a light on enhancing quality management of nutraceuticals Dr Lal Hingorani, Chairman SHEFEXIL & Director Pharmanza Herbal Pvt Ltd focused on reliability and exploring dietary and nutritional supplements. He stressed on the Bigger capacity which is required in the end formulation in India. 

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