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HR Conclave 2024

  • 13 Jun, 2024

Human capital, not financial capital, as you may be aware is today\'s scarcest resource. A large sum of money is being spent on technology up-gradation but the real backbone of the organization, its people, must be considered part of the equation for success. When employees are made a part of the equation of change, their support, enthusiasm, understanding, and acceptance of new skills through education and training add to the overall success of the organization. The importance of involving, developing, and educating employees through a proper HRM system in place is reflected from the rule of thumb that ‘technology makes up 10 percent of a business, while business processes, employees and culture make up 90 percent’.

 HR is beginning to play a central role to drive strategic actions. These actions are increasingly able to mitigate the negative outcomes of today\'s business uncertainties and help their organizations create a stable and engaged workforce that will take them through and beyond. At the heart of today\'s successful enterprise lies an exception HR leadership that settles for nothing less but overall excellence in every facet of their function and much beyond.

Industry, Institutions & HR service providers will share their expertise and success stories on HR practices, initiatives and innovations. The objective of the Conclave is to provide a platform for the practicing companies to share their success stories & help others internalize the concept in the right way for growth. Shri. Dinesh Gundu Rao, Hon’ble Minister for Health and Family welfare, Govt. of Karnataka has confirmed to be the Awards Chief Guest and will be presenting the HR Trailblazer Awards for 2023 scheduled post the Conclave.

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