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Alternative Dispute Resolution has now become one of the premier methods of resolving disputes whether they arise in trade or commerce, business or family. It is intended to build both arbitration and mediation into the fabric of institutionalized dispute resolution methods.

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24 - 25 November, 2017
Hotel Shangri-La, New Delhi

Conference on “Linking Startups and SMEs in Food Processing with Government Schemes & Markets”

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28 November, 2017
College of Fisheries
Central Agricultural University, Lembucherra, Tripura

National Conference “Managing Change in Evolving Economic Scenario”

The contemporary business environment in which organizations operate is competitive and challenging. In the evolving market dynamics; business strategies and models in organizations are always in a constant state of flux and therefore the challenge to manage business, requires new ways of thinking.

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05 - 06 December, 2017
MDI Gurugram

"Invest in Mali Forum"

The objective of the "Invest in Mali Forum" is to accelerate growth and economic diversification by mobilizing the energies of Mali and connecting them to its Diaspora, to the entrepreneurs of the sub-region but also to the international economic and financial community.

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07 - 08 December, 2017
Bamako, Mali

MSME Manufacturing Summit Connecting Innovation, Technology & Productivity on the occasion of 5th SMEs Excellence Award - 2017

ASSOCHAM is organizing the Mega MSME Manufacturing Summit – Connecting Innovation, Technology and Productivity on 14th December, 2017 at Hotel The Park, New Delhi. On this occasion ASSOCHAM will also host the winners of Fifth SMEs Excellence Awards – 2017.

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14 December, 2017
Hotel The Park, New Delhi

5th SMEs Excellence Award - 2017

Having completed the four successful editions of SMEs Excellence Award, the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) is happy to announce its nominations for the fifth edition of SMEs Excellence Award – 2017. The Award will be presented to the winners at the grand ceremony in New Delhi.

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14 December, 2017
New Delhi

National Seminar on Tax Deduction at Source (TDS)

Over the years Tax deduction at Source (TDS) has emerged as a major tool of revenue collection in India. The provisions of the Income-tax Act, 1961 (the Act) dealing with the TDS give rise to several interpretational and procedural issues. Adding to the complexity is a plethora of judicial rulings on these issues. This is a cause of concern both for the taxpayers and Revenue. While the taxpayers grapple with consequential issues of cash flow, disallowances, interest, penalty and long drawn litigation. The Revenue, apart from litigation, has to deal with administrative issues of refund processing.

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14 December, 2017

ASEAN NATURAL & ORGANIC SHOW (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam) BUYER Seller MEET

ASSOCHAM supported by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India is organising three days Mega Show and an International Buyer Seller Meet focussed on markets of (Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam).

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15 - 17 December, 2017

“PSUs Confluence for New India"

It’s worth measuring beyond numbers the contribution of vital cog of Indian economy i.e. PSU’s in fostering the multi-dimensional and sustainable growth of the country. The benchmarks set by the PSU’s by radically shifting of gears in policies, processes, and programmes have become indispensable for the economy and emerged as a torch bearer to the others within the sector as well as private sector players. However, several of the economic and non-economic, domestic and global odds and complexities need to be addressed towards PSU’s commitment to the nation and contribution to the New India Vision of Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi.

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15 December, 2017
Hotel Shangri-La, New Delhi

11th Capital Market Summit

Over the years, India’s capital market has undergone massive reforms and transformations in terms of standards, systems, operations, regulations and control mechanisms. The market has grown faster, become transparent, developed the investors’ faith, and won their trust. Amongst the markets of the world, the maturity and competence level of India’s capital market is one of the spot lights for the domestic as well as international capital inflow.

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22 December, 2017
New Delhi, India

Conference Electric Mobility: Beyond Mobility Charging Infrastructure, Battery Technology & Telematics

With the emergence of Electric Vehicles in various advanced economies of the world, Government of India has taken policy initiatives such as National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 (NEMM 2020) which targets to deploy more than 5 million electric vehicles in the country by 2020. In line with this transformation, there is an urgent need of a strong policy support to make Indian auto industry to move gradually towards Electric Vehicle. Considering the critical role played by charging infrastructure and storage technology in determining market acceptability of Electric Vehicle, the Government has taken up the task in promoting Power PSUs to take a lead in setting up the Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure.

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17 January, 2018

National Congress on Cervical Cancer: A Race to Overcome the Killer Disease

Worldwide, Cancer of the Cervix is the fourth most common cancer in females. Every year cervical cancer is diagnosed in about 5,00,000 women globally and is responsible for more than 2,80,000 deaths annually. As per ICMR, Cervical Cancer is the leading cause of cancer mortality in India, accounting for 24% of all cancer deaths among women age 30 to 69 years. India accounts for one-third of the cervical deaths globally. In absolute terms, there are over 132,000 new cases of cervical cancer and nearly 74,000 deaths every year, with Indian women facing 2.5% cumulative lifetime risk and 1.4% cumulative death risk from cervical cancer.

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18 January, 2018
Hotel The Royal Plaza, New Delhi

5th International Conference “Competition Law & Tech Sector” - Issues relating to anti-competitive agreements in Tech Sector –

In the age of information and rapid communication needs, the technological innovation is one of the key drivers to overall economic development. Rapid innovation has offered advanced technological products and services which has facilitated in the creation of new markets. In the past decade, the technological revolution has catapulted the opportunities in the Information and Communication Technology industry High-Tech Markets.

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19 January, 2018
Bangalore, India

Emerging North East-2017

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21 - 23 February, 2018
AAU Khanapara, Guwahati, Assam

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