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Leveraging AI & Robotics for India’s Economic Transformation

March, 2018 , New Delhi



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 “With the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, Bots and Robots, there is no doubt that our productivity will further go up…”
                                                                                                                       Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India
The global scientific community has come a long way since the development of artificial intelligence (AI) as a concept to its modern-day appeal as a field with near-limitless potential in turning around the way activities are performed in a functioning society. The ultimate frontier for AI systems continues to be achieving a level of sophistication that matches that of the human mind.
Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have stimulated fervent interest from both the private sector and governments across the globe. While some see it as a means of creating mass-produced consumer product machinery with humanlike intelligence, others see it as a means by which human thinking can be freed from the mundane, being taken care of by AI, and reach a higher level of perception and thinking.
Artificial Intelligence has made in-roads into the daily lives of Indian citizens without making it explicitly evident from app-based cab aggregators to digital assistants on smartphones. The interest can be further gauged from the fact that the leading IT service outsourcing companies have begun thinking, talking and a few, launching AI platforms. The systems being developed by them, as of now, are perfecting the process of increasing the efficiency of performing a repetitive problem which eventually will snowball into solving ever changing problems.
Companies are working across a plethora of AI problems which encompass identifying patterns in objects, people, style and preferences to advice on retail shopping, build conversational services and use them over social media apps and also use them for online shopping, better diagnostic services, bring in cognition in Robotic Process Automation. The commercial applications of AI are massive and Indian startups are beginning to identify them and tap into the market which till has been nascent.
ASSOCHAM believes that the National initiatives like Make in India, Skill India and Digital India will immensely benefit from the AI Technology and suggests that the Government should take both long term and short term policy initiative to promote AI in the country.
To understand the impact of AI on various Sectors and various policy initiatives required, ASSOCHAM proposed to organize the 2nd International Conference on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE & ROBOTICS - 2018 in New Delhi.
Through this Conference, we will try to examine the areas across private and public industries where the AI continuum (augmented, assisted and autonomous intelligence) could be applicable, as well as a robust AI policy framework that needs to touch upon the social, economic and ethical considerations of a well-governed society. These efforts will foster a balanced environment in India for innovation and leadership in AI.
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