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Global Summit
“FinTech:Shaping up Financial Eco-System in India”

17 August, 2017 , Mumbai, India



About Event

The innovative and most cost-effective disruptive financial technology widely known as FinTech has evolved over time and proved that the companies’ processes, products, distribution, payments, and customer services have improved multi-fold. Early adaptation of FinTech solutions has enabled the several start-ups, financial service sectors as well as other diverse sectors of the businesses and industries to achieve and lead an accelerated pace of growth.

In Asia, the Venture Capital-backed FinTech startups have set a new record during 2016 both in terms of deals and funding in the continent. The fact is that the driving force of technology application in financial eco-system has increased the participation of stakeholders and is shaping up the future of financial system. Hence, the FinTech is being seen as a powerful strategic tool of gaining competitive advantage and, indeed, the inclusive growth. 

The biggest encouragement and opportunities for Indian stakeholders is that the expected growth of FinTech industry by 2020 in APAC is US$70 billion. But as business phenomena is that a minor value addition in the technology by one in its business model throws several competitive challenges to others, hence the existing and potential stakeholders of FinTech require having update and simultaneous upgradation of the systems and processes to keep up-scaling their businesses. Also, but not limited to the technology innovations only, the IPRs, investments, associated risks and promotions for industry players are some of the key areas that require regulators’ focused engagement and enforcement to strategize India emerge as a FinTech leader in Asia.

Therefore, in view of the above and also to address the key issues, opportunities and challenges in India’s FinTech market the ASSOCHAM is organizing Summit on “FinTech: Shaping up Financial Eco-System in India” on 17th August, 2017 in Mumbai, India.

ASSOCHAM solicits active participation of professional individuals and organisations to make this significant summit a grand success.

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