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28 April - 29 April, 2017
The Ashok Hotel, New Delhi

ASSOCHAM is holding an international conference on IBC that offers learning from the experiences of countries with developed insolvency systems and institutions similar to those that are being set up under IBC would greatly benefit the stakeholders. The IBC draws heavily from the UK model and best practices around the world. The existing jurisprudence in India may not be entirely applicable to IBC.

An international conference attended by international experts as speakers would offer many learning opportunities. As many global players are looking at IBC very carefully and understanding its nuances, it is likely to generate interest in professionals from overseas to attend. It will also offer a great networking opportunity.

The conference is being held in partnership with INSOL India, the leading insolvency industry advocacy body. SIPI – the think tank on insolvency is one of the knowledge partners of the conference.

The Insolvency Professional Agencies and other insolvency related institutions have been invited to support the conference. Besides the heads of various statutory and other institutions under IBC, speakers will include experts from the World Bank, UNCITRAL and INSOL International. Leading thinkers and insolvency experts will also be invited as speakers.

The design and content of the conference will focus on all key stakeholders – industry, bankers, insolvency professionals, judges, regulators, academics and others.

Key Areas of Discussions

Master Class on Corporate Insolvency

A full day master class on restructuring process and liquidation will be held for a select group of interested person on first come first serve basis. The master class will be taken by leading experts. It will offer deep diving into the practical aspects of the process based on experience of other countries reconciled with the Indian experience. A separate registration would be required for the master class.

The deliberations at the Conference will serve as a game-changer and help authorities in addressing the apprehensions and issues raised by different stakeholders.

We seek your august presence as speaker and extend support to the conference.

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