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5th National Conference and Awards on
Waste to Wealth

30 March, 2017 , New Delhi



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With nearly 17.5% of global population, India is currently the second most populous nation in the world. By 2050 India’s population is expected to touch 1.6 million. Rapid economic growth, urbanization, and industrialization alongside this population explosion continues to generate significant waste and adversely impact our environment. With a population exceeding 377 million, today urban India out numbers the entire population of the US.  While spawning a wave of consumerism, it has also led to an unprecedented waste generation which challenges traditional waste management paradigms in our country. Therein lies a unique opportunity for newer business models and innovations in waste management  in India.


India’s rapid economic growth has resulted in a substantial increase in solid, plastic, industrial, biomedical & other waste generation in urban centers. Indian cities are expected to only intensify their consumption patterns and waste generation in future. Environmental degradation from toxic waste dumps and an omnipresent contamination of soil, water and air remains a major cause of concern. Urban areas in India alone generate more than 100,000 metric tonnes of solid waste per day which is much higher than total daily waste generation in many countries.  Unfortunately there has been a lack of awareness and there persists an unmet demand for more efficient waste handling. New paradigms to improve legal frameworks, effective policy implementation, providing citizenry with cleaner choices, greater public involvement in waste management and environment friendly waste cycling  is the need of the hour.

Waste management till recently has remained a nascent untapped sector. With an unmatched consumer base, India today is an attractive investment destination for waste recycling technologies. Overall the commercial outlay in this sector is expected to touch US$13.62 billion by 2025. Major waste sectors such as municipal solid waste management market, e-waste market and bio-medical waste are expected to grow at CAGR of 7.14%, 10.03% and 8.14% respectively. 

To address the tremendous potential of this sector, ASSOCHAM is holding its “5th National Conference on Waste to Wealth:• Solid Waste • Plastic Waste • Industrial Waste ” on March 30, 2017 in New Delhi.


The aim of the conference is to provide a holistic overview of the current scenario of waste management in India and to explore the enormous potential business opportunities in this sector. This key event seeks to provide a common platform for all stakeholders and solution providers (waste recyclers, dealers, retailers, local authorities and policy makers) to understand the inter-related policy, technological and operational barriers and regulatory frameworks. Effective waste management right from waste-generation profiles, collection, segregation and disposal mechanisms, extended producer responsibilities and best worldwide practices, solid-waste management governance to zero waste and smart technologies will be addressed. We seek to facilitate a goal-directed collaboration for streamlined action to accelerate waste management scenario in India with  a focus on green productivity activities.




This conference is an important platform to show case products, services and solutions available in waste management. With over 200 participants from all around India, the event offers an unique means for information gathering and networking amongst the most influential stakeholders from within and beyond the sector of waste management with a multidisciplinary approach involving scientists and technology developers, utility representatives, national/ regional policy makers and finance experts. The event will provide comprehensive insight into waste management industry – best practices, latest technologies, alternative solutions, emerging opportunities and business prospects.

Crucial aspects to be discussed in the conference are as follows:


About 200 including dignitaries from the Government, Industry and Corporates.

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