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National Conference
Role of Block Chain Technology


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30 August, 2018
Hotel The PARK, Chennai

Chief Guest

Dr. M. Manikandan, Hon’ble Minister for Information Technology, Government of Tamil Nadu


The adoption of Blockchain Technology in India is at a nascent stage and therefore requires an enhanced level of understanding about its applications, ethical, legal, and regulatory issues. This calls the Blockchain Technology stakeholders such as technology developers & users, investors, government and regulatory authorities to discuss the relevant issues.

Block Chain Technology refers to a distributed database for all the digital transactions , which eliminates the need for the third party to authenticate the transactions . In recent years several consumers , institutions and organizations are adopting block chain technology as it not only reduces the transaction cost as it removes the point of verification but also speeds up the actual transaction process. Banks have been researching ways to share customer information across their company in a secure manner and a block chain based solution is a clear contender. The banking and Financial services industries have a complex relationship with block chain, the distributed ledger technology that was popularized by cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. On the one hand, Block chain presents numerous opportunities to transform how people exchange value. The technology provides participants in a business network with a shared , immutable history of transactions, records cannot be altered once they have been agreed upon through consensus and added to the ledger , so many traditional banking processes could be streamlined. On the other hand, block chain is viewed as a threat to the established models that commerce is run on.


Therefore with an objective to provide the impetus towards accelerating the adoption of effective, efficient and innovative Block Chain Technology in all possible classes and verticles of the organizations and thereby creating a conducive environment for its fairly growth and development in India , The ASSOCHAM is organizing National Conference on Role of Block Chain Technology in Banking and Financial Services.




Ø  Telecom, IT & e- Commerce Sector

Ø  Head Security & Legal Heads

Ø  Finance Controllers & Directors

Ø  Head Compliance & Chief Vigilance Officer

Ø  Venture Capitalist & Capital Market Experts

Ø  Supply Chain Management

Ø  Health care and Energy sector

Ø  Head and IT Security

Ø  Bit coin exchanges

Ø  Regulators

Ø  Banking & Non- Banking Financial Sectors

Ø  Merchant Bankers and Investment Bankers



Impact of Block Chain Technology on Industry, Financial system and Economy

Ø  Legal Perspectives and regulation of Digital Assets/ Cryptocurrencies under Block Chain Technology

Ø  Applications of Block Chain Technology and Criminal Activity ( Black Markets , Malware, Money laundering , Ponzi Scheme, Theft)

Ø  Security and Data in the Block chain, ( Unauthorized spending , Double spending , Race attack, History Modification, Deanonymisation of clients 


The deliberations at the Conference will serve as a game-changer and help authorities in addressing the apprehensions and issues raised by different stakeholders.


In this regard, we cordially invite you as a delegate for the prestigious conference scheduled to be held on 30th August 2018, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The delegate registration form enclosed for your kind reference.


Your participation would add immense value to the content of the conference.

We look forward for your kind confirmation.


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